[Snort-users] RPM Installation

Chris Green cmg at ...671...
Wed Feb 6 11:44:04 EST 2002

Stephen Hargrove <stephen at ...4889...> writes:

> I'm having problems getting snort-mysql+flexresp-1.8.3-5.i386.rpm
> installed.  I've searched google and followed the advice I've found, but
> the problem continues.  Following is the problem:
> # rpm -ivh snort-mysql+flexresp-1.8.3-5.i386.rpm
> error: failed dependencies:
>         libmysqlclient.so.10   is needed by
> snort-mysql+flexresp-1.8.3-5snort

% rpm -q mysql

rpm -q --whatprovides libmysqlclient.so.10

This is a default redhat 7.2 machine.  Is your redhat rpm from the
MySQL people?  

> I've set my LD_LIBRARY_PATH as follows:

This will affect run time usage but not RPM dependency resolution


> And I've run /sbin/ldconfig.  Any thoughts on what I need to do in order
> to get this RPM installed?
> Thanks!
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