[Snort-users] Question involving segmentation fault

Phil Wood cpw at ...440...
Wed Feb 6 09:08:19 EST 2002


I've got a re-occuring problem to do with signal handling in snort.
It has happened at one time or another with ever version up to the current
(1.8.4-beta1).  And that is, sometimes when I send a TERM signal to
the snort process, it will segmentation fault.  This doesn't occur always,
but usually after a realtively long run (24 hours).  I restart the
snort process every 24 hours by issuing the kill command.  The process
is encapsulated in a shell script which packages up the results, moves
any core files to a unique name, and restarts the snort process. 

I even tried using the tcpdump signal handling stuff to see if it might
be some bollixed up linux libc library problem. However, nothing I've done
has made any difference.  It happens on redhat? and debian potato linux 
systems.  It could be some problem I've introduced through my own munging.
But, I just thought I'd ask and see if anyone else is seeing this problem.



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