[Snort-users] Snort Signature DB

Ian Masters ian at ...4311...
Tue Feb 5 23:19:04 EST 2002

What's the state of play with the Snort Signature DB?

Has work ground to a halt on it?

I ask because I already find it a very useful resource and would like to 
see it continue.

I'd say that if it's going to be actively pursued, then a permanent link 
towards the top the the Snort site's menu would be a good idea.

I find myself constantly scrolling down to find the link.

Also I'm quite happy to contribute what I can to the database, as often I'm 
looking up this information for myself anyway. However the information that 
I sent 2 weeks ago hasn't been added so I don't know whether to send more.

Just wanted to get the can of worms open again. It seemed like there was a 
lot of interest in it a wile ago but according to the DB pages, these are 
the current figures:

Total signatures:      1130
Sigs in database:        190
Sigs not in database: 1072

With my elementary Maths it looks like there are some sigs that are both in 
and not in the database ;-)

Ian Masters
Pineapple Company 

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