[Snort-users] Suspicious email message intercepted

'IT Virus Filter' virus at ...4873...
Tue Feb 5 10:50:23 EST 2002


You are receiving this message because an email message with a
suspicious attachment was intercepted by the POP server.  It
is possible that the message was actually valid, and simply
shared some common features with email viruses such as the
'lovebug' virus.

	Replies to virus at ...4873... are not read; this
is an automated process to facilitate forwarding the executable
attachment. You must follow these instructions exactly in order
for the software to forward the email.

If you can confirm that this is indeed a valid email message,
and not a virus, then simply respond to this message, pasting the
following information into the Subject: field (copied exactly, all
on one line, starting with "Message re-delivery"):
example: Message re-delivery request -459023xadf-27af834-_12350_0

Message re-delivery request -003501c1ae73-d03d87d0-b467e4c3-swsdb-_28895_0

Some identifying information about the message:
	Sender:		"Szilagyi Gergely" <szilagyi at ...3673...>
	Subject:	Re: [Snort-users] Snort and MsSQL
	Attachment:	"Re_ [Snort-users] Having Snort log to a remote SQL server....eml"
	Attachment:	"spo_database.c"
	Attachment:	"Re_ [Snort-users] How to place Snort machine on the network _.eml"
	Attachment:	"Fw_ [Snort-users] what changes are required to move from MySQL toMSSQL_.eml"
	Attachment:	"Re_ [Snort-users] what changes are required to move from MySQL toMSSQL_.eml"

We realize that this process is somewhat cumbersome, but, given the
amount of damage that can be caused by email viruses, this is less
disruptive in the long run.

Please send email to <helpdesk at ...2755...> if you have any questions
or concerns.

Thank you-
Genuity IT

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