[Snort-users] (no subject)

Edward Cole elcole at ...125...
Mon Feb 4 12:28:09 EST 2002

Hello All,

I just recently downloaded a copy of Snort version 1.8.3.  Unfortunately, I 
have been unsuccessful in running the NIDS Mode, I am able to run both the 
sniffer and packet logging modes.  When I ran the below command line option  
I received the follwing error.  Does this mean I have to add rules to the 
snort.conf file??

- I cd to the /usr/local/bin directory (which is where the snort is

- I then type this command  ./snort -dev -l ./log -h -c   

- I then received this error

" +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Initializing rule chains...
ERROR: Unable to open rules file: snort.conf or ./snort.conf
Fatal Error, Quitting.. "

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