[Snort-users] Snort Rule-framing

Sonika Malhotra sonikam at ...4044...
Mon Feb 4 04:01:04 EST 2002

Hello List,
    I need some help to frame a rule .
i am allowing packets for smtp and dns on my mail-cum-dns-server.so i
have 2 pass rules and 1 alert rule in my local.rules as follows.
pass tcp any any -> $SERVER 25
pass tcp any any -> $SERVER 53
alert tcp any any -> $SERVER any (msg: "Unusual Access on Server";)

and i run snort daemon with "-o" option set.(pass->alert->log)
This logs all packets for ports other than 25 and 53 in my log-file.

i have a doubt here, does the above setup means that all packets having
(smtp or dns)attack-signatures for port 25 and 53 will also be passed by
snort (without sending alerts) .In that case is there any other way of
implementing this policy.


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