[Snort-users] snort on win2k -> mysql on linux logging

Rommel, Florian Florian.Rommel at ...4844...
Mon Feb 4 03:25:03 EST 2002

hi all, pardon me if this is a pretty repeated question but i seem to be missing some tiny detail..
I want to log win32 snort 1.8.3(+mysql) to a linux based mysql host.

here's my setup
win2k machine with snort and the following line added in the snort.conf:
output database: log, mysql, user=ids-test dbname=test host= password=tester

i created the db on the mysql server, i created the tables as stated in the create_mysql.
I gave the ids user insert,update and select rights on the database,
snort is loggin to .ids files on my win2k machine when i test attack it, so it IS working fine but it wont log to the databases... I folowed the steps outlined in README.database and like i said i DO get .ids files and an alert.ids file just fine... now where is the problem?

any help would be greatly appreciated..


Registered Linux user: 201106

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