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Couple of things?
1. Is snort running from the command line OK? (Like DOS shell c:\snort\bin
snort -c "c:\snort\rules\snort.conf" -l "c:\snort\logs" -i1
        Snort directory with a bin folder for executable
        folder under snort root called rules with all rules, classification
conf, and snort conf
        folder under snort root called logs with permissions set for
Everyone (not just administrator) to access
        -i (interface of sniffing NIC) should be like 1 or 2
2. Are you using the MySQL admin GUI which is called winmysqladmin.exe which
should be in c:\mysql\bin (run this GUI and see if you have data in any of
the Card. location within the tables.
3. Have you read the MySQL Doc located in the c:\MySQL\doc folder? VERY VERY
good info and tutorial on the use of MySQL
4. Insure that the path within ALL the conf files are absolutely perfect.

Hell, if all this is OK then do like the New England Patriots will be doing
tomorrow "PUNT"

Let me know or Email me all the conf and I will get them straight. I have
several servers, workstations,  Win2k Linux and Solaris running snort just

Be kewl DUDES


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  Followed the directions verbatim on silicondefence.com to installation of
Snort & MySql

  Snort is working fine, MySql appears to be working fine, but I cannot get
Snort to save data in MySQL tables..

  Any ideas?

  Went thru everything about 4 times today to make sure I had not missed a
step, but no luck.

  Thanks in advance.

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