[Snort-users] Re: [Snort-devel] 1.8.4-beta1 feedback?

Justin Ferguson jnfergu at ...4504...
Fri Feb 1 17:25:25 EST 2002

 Um it still identified my solaris 8 boxen as wi32, but i dl'd the daily
snapshot yesterday and it was fixed.
I havent put that sensor into production yett though, so i cant really say
anything about it other than whatever you changed in the snapshots fixed the
os detection.

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Martin Roesch wrote:
> Good morning,
>      I can see from the weblogs that 730 of you have downloaded
> 1.8.4-beta1, does anyone have any feedback or is it perfect in all
> and ready for release? :)
>      -Marty

Can we include this (fixes icmp portion of sp_respond)?


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