[Snort-users] Snort Report

Chris Garringer chris.garringer at ...7867...
Tue Dec 31 15:20:03 EST 2002

I am running snort 1.9 on a Solaris 9 box and logging to Mysql on Redhat
8.0.  I am using the RedHat Mysql, apache and php (and the php-mysql rpm
is loaded)  Running snort Report I get the Detail by Signature list and
can see summaries but I cannot see the pie graph .  I see No Data. I
have gd loaded as a RH rpm and phpinfo says support is there.  JPgraph
is installed and configured but I do not see the graph.  The php error
log is 0 bytes, so it is of no help.  Where else can I look?

Chris D. Garringer
Toshiba International
LAN/WAN Supervisor
713-466-0277 x3756
Master Certified Novell Engineer
Certified Solaris Administrator
Microsoft Certified Engineer (NT)
RedHat Certified Engineer

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