[Snort-users] Snort-inline question

Amit Kumar Gupta amitkumar.gupta at ...7853...
Mon Dec 30 22:01:01 EST 2002

Hi List,
I am having some queries abt Snort-inline. Here they are :-
(1) While installing snort-inline whether i have to mention libipq 
 directorty. If i don't mention, even then it goes fine. Does it mean 
 that it has taken it from the appropriate path.
(2) snort-inline has the hogwash functionality. So does it mean that 
 it uses iptables. Another thing is Snort-inline is supposed to sit
 and prevent malicious packets. How does it do it. Is there any specific
 for it to do this. 
(3) I have successfully installed snort-inline, and using snort 
commands. So does it mean that whenever i will run snort command in 
 any one of the mode(sniffing, IDS, logging), the malicious packets 
 will be dropped.
Please give your suggestions and views.
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