[Snort-users] snort,mysql, with acid problem

Rigoberto De la Portilla rdelaportilla at ...131...
Mon Dec 30 07:31:07 EST 2002

i installed the snortmysql rpm

and followed the rest of the rh snort mysql whitepaper from snort.org

snort is producing logs but acid is picking anything up 

how can i test to make sure that acid can read ? 

i copied the snortd script listed ont he whitepaper and also noticed that it has eth0 specified as the interface for snort 

i have a computer with 2 nics and have eth1 for sniffing. do i have to change the entry to eth1? 

and how to i check what interface snort is using ?

thanks for your time in advance.

Rigoberto De La Portilla   -=[MCSE, WCSP]=-

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