[Snort-users] ACID Graph Alert Page

Mogren, Jack L. mogren at ...7748...
Tue Dec 24 08:16:02 EST 2002

  I received a fix for the graph alert webpage mess from a semi-anonymous source (Thank you to ILK).  I was told to combine the script from the acid_graph_main.php and acid_graph_form.php files.  I found the include statement for acid_graph_form.php in the acid_graph_main.php file, commented it out, then inserted all the script lines (excluding comment lines) from acid_graph_form.php into the acid_graph_main.php file at that location.  It worked!  I'm sure there is some better solution, like analyzing the script files for an error.  But hey, I'm lazy.

Happy Chauna-Rama-Quans-Mas

 - Jack  

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