[Snort-users] Barnyard 0.1.0 released

Andrew R. Baker andrewb at ...950...
Tue Dec 24 07:48:02 EST 2002

After considerable delays, Barnyard 0.1.0 is now officially released.

Barnyard is an event dispatcher for Snort.  It allows output plugins to 
be decoupled from the rest of the system.  The Unified Output system 
from Snort is used to spool events to the Barnyard process.

Documentation is still minimal and only a few output plugins are 
supported (and there is no Postgres or Oracle support for the DB plugin 
yet), but it is functional and is already being deployed.

The release tgz can be downloaded from




Questions about barnyard should be sent to the Barnyard Users mailing 
list at barnyard-users at ...314...


Andrew R. Baker

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