[Snort-users] SnortCenter not displaying buttons/options, only sensor.php

Eli Stair estair at ...7351...
Sat Dec 21 12:37:13 EST 2002

This is an update to a post I made last week.  Problem was: SC would only display
an empty oval in the center of the screen, below the top bar where the buttons
_should_ be, and above the bottom bar with the copyright info.

After switching from MySQL4.0.5b to Postgres 7.2.3, doing a fresh unpack of the SC
files and configuring it... I now get the correct contents of sensor.php displayed
and can edit its properties, ssl/port/cmdline options etc.  However I am still 
missing all buttons, so I cannot actually configure the output plugin, get rules,
etc.  This is my second SC installation, an attempt at duplicating the success of
the first one, albeit with no success so far.

System is Apache2.0.43, PHP4.2.3   Web & PHP functions are fine, SquirrelMail, 
phpMyAdmin are working OK.  I'm at a loss as to what is going on, there are no
errors in my apache or php logs, all files are readable by apache.  Screencaps of
the current and previous condition are at http://tardis.ath.cx/~estair/, don't 
seem to display in Mozilla, but work in gqview or EE.

I would appreciate ANY help of any kind.  If I'm missing an elementary obvious
point, please point it out to me.  If not and you have any guesses, lemme know.



CAUTION: Repeated use of finger can cause a system to become overloaded, which can cause it to stop responding.
--Infinite wisdom from the font that is ISS 6.2.1

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