[Snort-users] _PATH_VARRUN

Olaf Schreck chakl at ...931...
Sat Dec 21 06:30:13 EST 2002

> What exactly is _PATH_VARRUN?
> I'm compiling Snort on SGI Irix, and i get this in syslog:
> WARNING: _PATH_VARRUN is invalid, trying /var/log...

It's a constant defined in a header file on some but not all Unixen.  
For example, Linux and OpenBSD have it defined while IRIX doesn't.  
Applications check this in order to find out where they should put 
their PID files, usually /var/run.

Without looking at the snort source code, I'd assume snort can not find 
that #define in the IRIX header files, and resorts to a hardcoded value 
of /var/log.

If you don't care about a snort.pid file in /var/log, just ignore that 
warning.  If you really don't like that, you could manually throw in 
a line '#define _PATH_VARRYN "/var/run" into the snort.h header file.


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