[Snort-users] Snort, Windows 2000 - running external program/script on alert.

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Fri Dec 20 11:08:04 EST 2002

Please read the detailed response to this question in the Snort FAQ

regarding external execution:

and regarding email:

In short, snort can't directly execute an external program without opening 
a loophole the size of texas in your IDS (it WILL drop packets for quite a 
long time while trying to exec the external program).

At 12:29 PM 12/20/2002 -0500, Brian Strickland wrote:
>is there a way directly from snort to run an external program when an alert
>is generated or indirectly (reviewing log file or sql database) to run an
>external program when a alert occurs.  Like send an email, pager program,
>Brian Strickland
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