[Snort-users] L3 Retriever Ping False Alarms

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Fri Dec 20 10:53:02 EST 2002

I get the same thing with XP proffesional hosts to a NT4 domain controller.  
I am also wondering why this traffic is occurring.

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>Subject: [Snort-users] L3 Retriever Ping False Alarms
>Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 16:17:38 -0700
>Does anybody what causes Win2K hosts to issue pings that look like L3
>Retriever Pings? When I do a regular ping, the payload is all zeros.
>However, something else in the system is sending pings with the
>characteristic L3 Retriever payload of "ABCDEFG...." etc.
>Ian Parker, GCWN
>Senior Systems Analyst
>Upgrading Plant Computing
>Syncrude Canada Ltd
>parker.ian at ...6018...
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