[Snort-users] To TAP or HUB?

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Thu Dec 19 13:14:06 EST 2002

Agreed, there are a small handful of differences, but generally speaking 
for a low-bandwidth (under 4mbit/sec) network, using a hub to a IP-less 
interface on a well secured system should be perfectly adequate. Hubs are 
generally well suited to most T1's, cable modems, and DSL connections if 
you're capable of correctly securing the computer running snort.

         pros - inherently secure against intrusion - the snort box cannot 
send data
                   efficient even in full wire-speed uses - taps don't 
introduce collisions
                   highly failure resistant (ie: they rarely contain 
electronics which can fail in such a way data stops flowing)
         cons - more costly

         pros - cheap, widely available
         cons - not secure on it's own- another mechanism needs to protect 
the snort box from exploitation
                   introduces collisions which become a severe problem for 
high-speed networks (45mbit/sec or faster).
                   less failure resistant - they require power to operate, 
and electronics in them can possibly fail.

Note that the tap method protects the snort box from exploitation on that 
interface, i.e.: nobody can hack your snort box and get a root shell via a 
interface connected to a tap, but does not protect it from all forms of 
denial of service, someone could possibly still crash it by sending it 
invalid data. It also can't protect it from exploitation via another 
interface :)

A hacked snort box is a very dangerous thing, since the snort box is in the 
perfect position to monitor all traffic going in and out of your network. 
It is an ideal location to engage in connection hijacking, DNS spoofing and 
other attacks against other machines on the network. Be very mindful of 
securing your snort sensors.

At 12:51 PM 12/19/2002 -0600, Madziarczyk, Jonathan wrote:
>Since you're only monitoring between the cable modem and the firewall,
>putting a hub in between the two is almost the exact same thing as
>putting a tap between.

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