[Snort-users] To TAP or HUB?

Shane Hickey shane at ...5522...
Thu Dec 19 12:17:30 EST 2002

On Thu, 2002-12-19 at 13:03, Eric Joe wrote:
> Shane writes----
> >>  Most decent taps will bypass on power failure.  >
> If you have a power failure, wont your cable modem be off anyway??? You
> can by a lot of cheap hubs for the price of a tap. By golly you could even
> buy a UPS with the money save by not buying a tap. Like you said, its for
> home use anyway  :)

I hear ya.  I actually have a UPS here, so it sorta makes more sense,
especially if I could have got the taps for $50/each.  My home is also
my office, though, so that also almost convinces me.  I think the best
argument that would be made is, "How much beer can I get with the money
I save by not buying a tap".  I'm convinced ;).


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