[Snort-users] Barnyard/acid reconfigure question

Jens Krabbenhoeft tschenz-snort-users at ...7018...
Thu Dec 19 00:04:03 EST 2002


> What am I missing on how to assign this number and keep it consistent?


  /* if sensor id == 0, then we attempt attempt to determine it dynamically */
  if(data->sensor_id == 0)
      data->sensor_id = AcidDbGetSensorId(data);

And AcidDbGetSensorId does the following:

  "SELECT sid FROM sensor WHERE hostname='%s' AND interface='%s' "
  "AND filter='%s' AND detail='%u' AND encoding='0'", pv.hostname,
  pv.interface, pv.filter, op_data->detail)

If it gets a sensor back, it uses that sensor_id, if not, it inserts the
new sensor.

So from the code, to keep it consistent, don't change the hostname /
interface / filter and detail.

Hope that helps,


BTW: It works for me. Changing any of these values inserts a new sensor,
chaning nothing doesn't do anything to the sensor-table.

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