[Snort-users] Understanding IDS & TAPS

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Wed Dec 18 10:18:05 EST 2002

Your questions span (pun!) more than the IDS field. 
Pick up a good book on switches or at least something
that explains the OSI model.  As loath as I am to
recommend reading theory, it really applies.

A short answer is that switches forward packets out of
specific ports based on a table they keep.  The table
correlates MAC address<->port relationships.  To sniff
on a switch you need one of two things: a port that
the switch sends ALL traffic to, regardless of the
destination MAC, or a piece of software like Ettercap
that does massive ARP poisoning.  For multiple obvious
reasons you prolly want to stick to the former.

--- "Carleton, Sam (SCI TW)"
<Sam_Carleton_TW at ...7796...> wrote:
> Folks,
> I understand the IDS and TAPS, but not completely. 
> The main thing is the
> physical hookup of the TAP to the IDS.  I don't
> understand the "100Mb IDS
> Tapping Diagram (with only 100bt span port)"
> diagram.  The switch being
> used, can it be any old switch or does it have to be
> something that is
> programmable?  What I don't understand is how the
> traffic gets through the
> switch.  How does the switch know where to send the
> packets which are coming
> in from the Port A and Port B?
> Sam
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