[Snort-users] Clueless in Toronto

Rich Stryker rstryker at ...7794...
Wed Dec 18 08:32:04 EST 2002

I have installed SNORT 1.8x on a W2K Server. No service packs as yet because i am just testing the waters with it. There are 2 NICs. 
I can seem to figure out how to implement it now that it is running. I figure I will put it behind my firewall. But how do i force traffic to go through one NIC on the server and out through the other? Do i even need to do this, is one NIC enough to perform NIDS? I had SNORT doing sniffing but it only tracked the local computer's traffic and nothing else. 
I have SNORTSNARF installed to see the reports but when I seem to have SNORT running I can't find the log files. I want SNORT setup for NIDS.
All help is greatly appreciated.
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