[Snort-users] Graph Alert Data Link is not working properly (ACID)

Atul Shrivastava atul_iet at ...131...
Tue Dec 17 20:24:03 EST 2002

Hello All,

Can anyone tell me the solution of this problem.

When I bring up the page "Graph Alert Data" in Acid from the main ACID page, I get most of what I assume the page is supposed to look like, plus additional comments that I assume are from one of the included php files. (i.e. ** Copyright (C)2000, .......)
Plus lots of ';echo ' commands, etc. Many, but not all, of the pulldown menus, including the Data Source: are filled with command statements from the php files. (i.e Data Source has {data source (AG) }'; $temp_sql= .......) The only pull down menus that work are the Chart Type and the Period. Can anyone tell me what I have misconfigured ?

I have installed linux with the stretch and installed the whole setup four times but the same think happens everytime. I think that it is dule to some package changed or something is misconfigured. But I am doing point to point same as written in the Enterprise Snort pdf.

Pls tell me the solutoin.

Thanks in advance.

Regards and have a nice day,

                           Atul Shrivastava

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