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Tue Dec 17 13:21:04 EST 2002

I have snortcenter running with ssl and after working through a few ssl
errors I got it to a point where it's doing something weird. Has anybody
seen this message or know what it means? Looks like the out put you
would see from a bad regex line as if someone said s/[a-bA-B0-9\n\ ]//g
cause as you can see below there is nothing but "_|/\,'`()" in there.
Maybe snortcenter prints it's alerts in ascii art but strips the \n's

Sensor Message   
  _  _    ___  _  _     ____                    _   _       _| || |  / _
\| || |   |  _ \ __ _  __ _  ___  | \ | | ___ | |_| || |_| | | | || |_
| |_) / _` |/ _` |/ _ \ |  \| |/ _ \| __||__   _| |_| |__   _| |  __/
(_| | (_| |  __/ | |\  | (_) | |_   |_|  \___/   |_|   |_|   \__,_|\__,
|\___| |_| \_|\___/ \__|                                  |___/ _____
_|  ___|__  _   _ _ __   __| || |_ / _ \| | | | '_ \ / _` ||  _| (_) |
|_| | | | | (_| ||_|  \___/ \__,_|_| |_|\__,_|
Is this a problem that occurs when you do not have the Net::SSLeay Perl
module? ... Nope I install the PM and it still gives me this gibberish.

  SnortCenter v0.9.6 Copyright C 2001, 2002 Stefan Dens  

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Stefan, thanks for your response.

That is a chicken-and-egg.  While on my first use of SnortCenter I
installed it
into a machine that had previously had a standalone Snort install that
was reporting
to a remote SQL database, and thus the database had the sensor info, and
alerts etc 
pre-existing... on this machine I am following the "correct procedure"
of the
install docs in which snort is never actually run (and thus no sensor id
until after the SC console is up and running.

In both docs I am referencing, the procedure goes roughly 1) Web server
config, 2)
SnortCenter console install, (optionally ACID also) 3) Snortcenter AGENT
on the sensor box.  The problem is manifesting right after stage 2.  

What happens (incorrectly) is that after SC is live, upon loading it I
get the
"little oval box", thus cannot use the built-in function to create the
tables in
the database.  Soo... I use the script manually, then upon loading I get
the login
box, default admin/change works but _THEN_ I get the blank oval again.
The site
goes immediately to /sensor.php.  It's not until after these steps that
to both docs) I would install the agent, thus connecting to the database
and adding 
a sensor ID. Unless I am grossly mistaken.

In my first use of SC I had no issues, possibly because the entire
database existed.  Am I possibly running into a step that needs to be
But if I need to run the agent first to generate the sensor ID in the
how would it connect to SC in the first place, since I won't have been
able to
specify the configuration of rules and agent info?

I'm running myself around here as you can see.  Thanks for any ideas you
shoot my way Stefan (or anyone else :)  I'm sure that this is just a
I'm having conceptual difficulties with.


> Did you already create a sensor and import the rules from the
> The little oval box is empty when there is nothing in the database to
> Stefan D.

> >
> >I'm installing on a new machine and having some issues I haven't seen
> >ACID is loading, but none of the PHP graphics are showing up, i.e.
the colored
> >backgrounds, highlights etc.  Also SnortCenter is not loading
properly, but
> >a more critical problem.  The gifs for title bar, footer etc show up
but all
> >that is dynamically displayed by the php is a little oval-ish box in
the center
> >of the screen, none of the content that is supposed to appear is
> >
> >I'm running Apache 2.0.43, PHP 4.2.3, ADOdb 2.50, MySQL 4.0.5 on a
linux box.  
> >In all other ways Apache and PHP are working fine.  phpinfo displays
OK, MySQLAdmin 
> >is working. All perms are apache:apache, not using symlinks out of
> >ACID and SC are both in a directory with other PHP apps that are
working fine.
> >MySQL users are valid, and when using an invalid user/pass both apps
fail normally.
> >There are no errors in the logs during the period when this is
> >
> >I'm at a loss on this, all software is the same as in use on another
> >Fresh configuration, everything double-checked against both the
> >Implementation docs and the official ACID installation and
> >
> >All ideas and suggestions on troubleshooting this are welcome!
> >
> >Thanks,

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which can cause it to stop responding.
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