[Snort-users] mysql db create for win32 version

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Tue Dec 17 10:36:05 EST 2002

Paul, Visit

http://www.silicondefense.com/techsupport/windows-acid.htm   Michael
Steele's efforts may be able to assist you on this one.

Or, look in your windows snort distribution for a file called
"create_mysql". The script has already been put together for you (CERT
efforts), it will create the tables in MySQL. Just feed the "create_mysql"
file into the mysql> command prompt.

The following assumes your db-name and user are "snort".

MySQL -u snort snort <create_mysql

If the above errors out, try this:

MySQL -D snort snort <create_mysql

Just my 2.0134 cents worth (tax included)

Scot Wiedenfeld

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I have been unable to find a db create script or instructions to create the
snort db in mysql on the win32 version. Any clues!

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