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Darin.MARAIS at ...7778... Darin.MARAIS at ...7778...
Tue Dec 17 07:42:49 EST 2002

hi all,

im sorry I know that this is not a puresecure mailing list but I was
wondering if anyone might know how to achieve the following:

im running puresecure 1.6 and my device has two Ethernet interfaces. eth0
and eth1 are used for monitoring and management of the device respectively.
I would like to tell the snort puresecure device to capture packs only on
eth0 and "not" on eth1. eth0 will be configured with out an ip address
(ifconfig eth0 up) whilst eth1 will use dhcp to get an address.

i would also like to find out how you can make "ifconfig eth0 up" persistant
across bootups. 

if anyone knows how to this and could give me the information.. then I need
your help..... please

high Regards 
Darin Marais

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