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S. Kaushik skaushik at ...7706...
Tue Dec 17 07:42:09 EST 2002

Dear friend,
             Thanks for your help. But I want to know about a few 
other things regarding Snort.

Which includes: 
Iam a new user to snort 1.9.0 (build 209). I have been  trying to 
generarte alerts using the snort alert mechanism. I was though 
successfull in achieving the other types of alerting mechanism  but 
I could not achieve the same for Winpopup alert using the samba 

The details: 
The samba server is running and Iam able to access the windows' 
shares from 
GNU/Linux and viceversa. 

The command which I was trying was:

<snort -A fast -M dc -c etc/snort.conf>

where dc is the name of the windows machine, I also tried with 
giving the IP address. 

Another important thing is that the snort does not give any kind of 
error, relating to the syntactical problems which I may I have 
committed, so this possibility is also ruled out. 

Please help me in this regard.

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