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ok, did you copy the snort.conf to chat.conf, and identify your home_net
variables and all the other variables, it appears the path is correct to the
chat.rules file but is the chat.conf correctly formatted, and did you do a
snort -W to show your available interfaces, i know a couple of my windows
systems try to use the wrong interface to sniff, you should also try to run
snort on each interface that is listed with the snort -W and see if it
actually sees any traffic. once you get it on the right one you'll know it,
you would mod your command line by identifying the interface to use with
the -i1 option, or -i2, try each that is listed.


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  Hello, I recently became the network engineer of Laurel County Schools.
As part of my job, I am trying to implement some security and logging
abilities to the network. We are using Snort 1.9 for Windows.  I have a
problem getting it to run in NDIS...

  C:\Snort>snort -c chat.conf -l c:\snort\log

  Initializing Output Plugins!

  Log directory = c:\snort\log

  Initializing Network Interface \

          --== Initializing Snort ==--

  Decoding Ethernet on interface \Device\NPF_{A4116FF7-6102-


  Initializing Preprocessors!

  Initializing Plug-ins!

  Parsing Rules file chat.conf


  Initializing rule chains...

  ERROR => Undefined variable name: (chat.conf:10): HOME_NET

  Fatal Error, Quitting..


  Basically I am just trying to load the rules for chat clients and it keeps
giving me this error.  I tried to debug the code, but I am not sure of all
what is going inside the ruleset.  Can anyone help me?

  Also if I'm sending this to the wrong place I'm sorry.  If there is a more
appropriate place I would appreciate the link.

  Troy Shafer

  Network Engineer

  Laurel County Schools


  tshafer at ...7761...

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