[Snort-users] DB ERROR

twig les twigles at ...131...
Thu Dec 12 07:44:05 EST 2002

Hehehe, I just had this one.  It seems that when you
connect to mysql via you use a TCP port, and
when you use localhost you use a socket.  The socket
is faster and preferred, thus default.  It seems that
a config file of yours has 127... in it.  

The quick and dirty way is to add the grant statement
for snort at ...7737..., but unless you have a specific
reason to use the 127 addy (my reason was using
stunnel) I would find that reference to it and change
it to 'localhost'.

--- "Luo, Philip" <Philip_Luo at ...4729...> wrote:
> I am getting the following error when I looked at
> any one of the alerts at
> ACID. I remembered I did run this command at mysql
> grant INSERT,SELECT,CREATE,DELETE on snort.* to
> snort at ...274... identified
> by "snort";
> Database ERROR:Database ERROR:Access denied for
> user: 'snort at ...263...' to
> database 'snort'
> -phil

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