[Snort-users] CIS Scanner

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Wed Dec 11 17:32:03 EST 2002

Ok, first some info for the rest of the list..... CIS is cerebrus internet 
scanner.. A NT based vulnerability scanning tool. I know that *I* did not 
know what CIS was until I did some searches ;)

At any rate, based on about 10 seconds of casual playing with it the tool, 
it sounds like either:
1) you're out of disk space
2) there's no "reports" subdir in the directory cerebrus is running in.

Most likely #2.

Cerebrus WILL fail unless you have a reports sub-dir, which is why there is 
such a directory included in the zipfile. Please don't delete it and expect 
the program to run.. it's frail and has pathetically vague error messages 
and lousy error handling.

(gee, you'd think that by the time they got to version they'd 
figure out how to create a sub-directory if none is present).

And no need to shout about your insecurity that your snort box isn't 
running on an "IX" :)

At 03:17 PM 12/11/2002 -0500, Salloum, Camile wrote:
>Hi.  I have installed CIS on my snort IDS box and have tried to run
>it on my local host.  Everytime I run it I get an error stating cannot run
>scan error creating report file?  My system runs on Windows 2000
>Professional, NOT UNIX OR LINUX or ANY IX for that matter.  Any help would
>be appreciated.  I have my web browser opened up to my
>localhost/acid/index.html and am getting my alerts view that informs me how
>many alerts were generated and it refreshes just fine.  Thanks.
>Camile L Salloum

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