[Snort-users] W2K snort launch & halt

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That sounds like you enabled Snort Statistics for Unix when you compililed


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I just ran into a problem with a Snort install on a clean W2K box -
everything seems to install fine (using WinPcap 2.3 and Snort 1.9), but on
even a basic snort -d -e -v I get an initial "Initializing...", then a
"Warning: OpenPcap() device \Device\Packet_NdisWanIp network lookup:" which
says it completes successfully, initializing snort, and the version
information... then nothing. I can Ctrl-C out of it, which gives the Snort
analyzed 0 out of 0 packets, and ends with a 

Pcap_loop: read error: PacketReceivePacket failedpcapstats: PacketGetStats


Haven't seen this before - would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.




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