[Snort-users] Problems with display, new installation of ACID and SnortCenter not rendering properly

Eli Stair estair at ...7351...
Wed Dec 11 11:52:04 EST 2002

This is a forwarding of my post to acidlab-users.

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I'm installing on a new machine and having some issues I haven't seen before.  
ACID is loading, but none of the PHP graphics are showing up, i.e. the colored
backgrounds, highlights etc.  Also SnortCenter is not loading properly, but
a more critical problem.  The gifs for title bar, footer etc show up but all
that is dynamically displayed by the php is a little oval-ish box in the center
of the screen, none of the content that is supposed to appear is there.

I'm running Apache 2.0.43, PHP 4.2.3, ADOdb 2.50, MySQL 4.0.5 on a linux box.  
In all other ways Apache and PHP are working fine.  phpinfo displays OK, MySQLAdmin 
is working. All perms are apache:apache, not using symlinks out of wwwroot, 
ACID and SC are both in a directory with other PHP apps that are working fine.
MySQL users are valid, and when using an invalid user/pass both apps fail normally.
There are no errors in the logs during the period when this is tested.

I'm at a loss on this, all software is the same as in use on another machine.
Fresh configuration, everything double-checked against both the Snort-Enterprise
Implementation docs and the official ACID installation and configuration.

All ideas and suggestions on troubleshooting this are welcome!



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