[Snort-users] Setting up Snort

Salloum, Camile SalloumC at ...7716...
Tue Dec 10 05:57:04 EST 2002

Hi.  I am in the process of setting up Snort using mysql version 1.2.  I am
using windows2000 professional.  I have created the snort database and ran
the command from the dos prompt to execute snort.exe - l and rules -o.  It
seems like it runs fine, but I can't access the acid page in my web browser.
Http:// returns an error page message.  I have my snort set up in
the D drive, php set up in my c drive and copied the acid folder to
inetpub/wwwroot, but still am having noluck.  I tried to run the CIS scanner
on my local host and received no stats via acid.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

Cam Salloum

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