[Snort-users] Block Conncection

Atul Shrivastava atul_iet at ...131...
Fri Dec 6 23:21:04 EST 2002

Can anyone tell me how can we block certain connection, let sat that I want to block every connection for telnet that uses username "root"
Can anybody give me the rule. This will illustrate me the use of "react" keyword. I know that this keywork works with three modes: 1. Block the source   2. Block the Destination   3. Block both of them.
I have also used them but not get the desired result. Please tell me the required and efficient rule if somebody has tested it fully.
Thnaks in advance.
Regards and have a nice day,
                                         Atul Shrivastava
 "Coelho,_Wagner" <tellnet at ...5420...> wrote:staff I am using snortcenter+acid and would like to know as to block the invasion attempts, because so far I only obtain to logar they. Thanks.

Regards and have a nice day,

                           Atul Shrivastava

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