[Snort-users] spo_log_tcpdump plugin

Joel Healy Joel.Healy at ...7405...
Wed Dec 4 18:09:01 EST 2002


I am looking at using the TCPDUMP ouput log plugin and no problems with the
TCPDUMP files created, however i have noticed that hogwash only writes to
the output file when the process is stopped. Is there any configuration that
enables the writing of the TCPDUMP file with a certain frequency?

The reason i ask is that i am looking to scp the TCPDUMP files to a central
correlation point where i then snort -X -r them so they can be served up via
http (linked to by Snortsnarf).

Now the bit that may complicate matters is that i actually talking about
snort 1.8.6 libraries that are used with Hogwash.. 



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