[Snort-users] I find it odd that this product would not be supported for SMP win2k machines

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Wed Dec 4 16:25:03 EST 2002

While I might agree with you that the lack of winpcap SMP support still
(after what, about 7 or 8 years since NT4.0 hit the streets?) seems odd,
I would not buy into any argument that this issue invalidates snort on
the Wintel platform.
There are many environments, particularly as the size and complexity of
the network grows) where running multiple snort processes bound to their
own CPU in a multi-processor/multi-nic system are quite useful.
Also, depending on the network load, processor speed, other apps, etc.,
SMP support is probably overkill anyway.  Does anyone know how many and
what type CPUs are normally installed in a Sourcefire appliance with
Paul D. Shaffer, MSgt, USAF
C4 Systems Manager
Peterson AFB, CO
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Subject: [Snort-users] I find it odd that this product would not be
supported for SMP win2k machines
I am working with SNORT with my win2k for few weeks now, only realizing
it is not working on SMP machines with windows installments few days
I was reading a lot of good reviews of this open source and I even
stumbled over a comparative analysis with the other tools currently
available on the market.
I must say that although the problem originate from the winpcap usage
and not from any SNORT specific code, this problem raise a big question
mark as for the validity of using SNORT for windows (random blue screens
or forcing the usage of only one processor are not acceptable solutions
I am not trying to criticize SNORT nor do I intend to slander it. I am
just stating my disbelief that a product which for many seems a standard
would not support SMP with windows.
Do you guys have any plans for replacing the winpcap library? Help in
fixing the winpcap SMP problems? Support any other packet capturing
Thank you in advance.
Tal Beno.
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