[Snort-users] ACID Problems

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Wed Dec 4 14:13:02 EST 2002

Hi Cory,

I just set up a very simular install on FreeBSD 4.7, snort 1.9, acid
0.9.6b21, php 4.2.3, and mysql 3.23.53.

Things were very strange indeed with the default setup.  Sometimes I
couldn't even access the acid index page (some ugly error about commands
being out of sync).  I also saw the same behaviour when searching (the
first page would honor my query parameters, subsequent pages would not).

The acid FAQ poined me to the solution!  It was that you had to turn
"register globals" on for php 

I copied the default php.ini-dist in /usr/local/etc to php.ini and edited
it so that it would have the line 'register_globals = on' in it.  The faq
also said that it must contain 'register_argc_argv = On',  but that was
already there in the php.ini-dist file.

After I changed that and restarted apache, things work great.

Hope this helps,

\x88\x43\x07\x50\x50\x53\x53\xb0\x3b\xcd\x80\x89\xf6  Don't forget FreeBSD!

On Wed, 4 Dec 2002, Cory Helmrich wrote:

> We have a FreeBSD (4.6) based snort (1.8.6) machine with ACID (0.9.6b21) 
> apache (1.3.26) PHP (4.2.3) MySQL (3.23.52). One of the problems that we are 
> having is that the search tool appears to be returning inaccurate results. 
> If I search for a particular IP address, the first page of the results looks 
> good, but the subsequent results pages show all results instead of the 
> results for the single IP I was searching for. The other problem is that I 
> cannot seem to save the AGs with names or descriptions. After saving, the 
> name and description fields are blank.
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