[Snort-users] Access Denied when logging to MySQL database

Steve Suehring snort at ...7160...
Wed Dec 4 14:01:07 EST 2002

On Wed, Dec 04, 2002 at 11:56:29AM -0800, Robby Desmond wrote:
> <sound of horrible gagging-choking sound> NO! Always flush privileges! 
> Always! There have been numerous occasions where I ran into issues with 
> this.
> Just do it. It's easier. Trust me.

Heh.  Nope.  If you use grant, revoke or set password you don't have to
use flush privileges.  I won't bore you with a shameless plug for MySQL
Bible.  :)  I'll cite the MySQL documentation, section 4.3 "When Privilege
Changes Take Effect"

"Modifications to the grant tables that you perform using GRANT, REVOKE, 
or SET PASSWORD are noticed by the server immediately."


If you're seeing issues when using grant, revoke, or set password with 
changes not taking effect then that's something we should be dealing with 
on a MySQL mailing list because it indicates something else is broken.


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