[Snort-users] ACID Problems

Cory Helmrich helmricc at ...125...
Wed Dec 4 13:40:04 EST 2002

We have a FreeBSD (4.6) based snort (1.8.6) machine with ACID (0.9.6b21) 
apache (1.3.26) PHP (4.2.3) MySQL (3.23.52). One of the problems that we are 
having is that the search tool appears to be returning inaccurate results. 
If I search for a particular IP address, the first page of the results looks 
good, but the subsequent results pages show all results instead of the 
results for the single IP I was searching for. The other problem is that I 
cannot seem to save the AGs with names or descriptions. After saving, the 
name and description fields are blank.

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