[Snort-users] Snort for Pocket PC

Bennett Todd bet at ...6163...
Wed Dec 4 12:52:02 EST 2002

2002-12-04-13:40:10 Scott Olihovik:
> Anyone done this or know how hard it would be to build
> a copy of snort that would work on a Pocket PC?

Depends on your definition of Pocket PC.

Could be people have done this, or at least done some of the
groundwork that would be needed, for a machine running WinCE. I
really don't know.

But it should be straightforward to get Snort running on a Compaq
IPaq running Linux, or one of the other linux pocket computers. I
think there's a Sharp Zaurus that runs Linux.

And then there's NetBSD/hpcmips, it should also be a reasonable
delivery vehicle for snort without too much trauma.

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