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Interestingly enough, I can impliment it OK in my Snort 2.0 tests on Win32,
but using 1.9 it fails :(

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In previous posts regarding logging output, it was noted by some that 
Snort apparently has an undocumented output plugin called 
"log_ascii", which is the default logging facility if none other is 
specified.  And supposedly one can add the option "output log_ascii" 
to the snort.conf file to re-enable the ASCII logging facility along 
side other logging facilities (e.g., output database: log, ...).  

However, when I specify this plugin in my snort.conf file, both Snort 
1.8.6 and 1.8.7 return the following warning when started:  

    *WARNING*: unknown output plugin "log_ascii", ignoring! 

Is this output plugin something new to Snort 1.9.x or something else? 


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