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IMAO IDSs should not interfere with FWs. If I spoof my IP address with
your current, e.g. DNS server and send a forged packet with an attack
signature to your network protected by your IDS/FW integrated system I
can create an easy DoS by stopping legal and operational traffic. 
That is really easy to accomplish (e.g. nmap -D your.good.dns.server,
your.good.external.router, etc..).

My 2 cents


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Does SNORT support adding commands to firewalls? As an example, if I
received a BAD packet, I would like to add a filter based on that
information to my firewall. I understand that SNORT cannot decide which
packets are bad, but I would think we would be able to trace an issue
the command has been executed.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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