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Sun Dec 1 02:31:05 EST 2002

I am sorry you all feel misled, but we are not charging money for "white
papers". The equivalent of a "white paper" is indeed up on the site and
available for free - in other words it is a high level view of the
technology and the industry, followed by some detailed questionnaires
covering each of the products we evaluated. That is what I would call a
white paper.

No - there are no detailed evaluations prepared by us

No - there are no test results

Yes - if you want our detailed, in-depth, 180 page report we do ask you to
pay for a CD or hard copy version

If you want a brief freebie, there are plenty of sites where you can get
those, but I would think none of them will be as detailed as our full
report. But if you DON'T want that level of detail, you don't have to pay
for it.

I would also point out that there are many other analyst and lab sites
similar to ourselves who will provide even less information up front and
then expect you to shell out hundreds - even thousands - of dollars for
their reports - not $50

I will point out that we have made, and will continue to make, extensive
group rest reports available for free - currently we have 100Mbps IDS, PKI,
firewall, Vulnerability Assessment and DSL reports up there - all available
in full and all free. Gigabit was a special case as far as we are concerned.
It cost us an AWFUL lot in terms of time and money (both in infrastructure
investment and testing time) to produce that report, and we feel that it is
something of a leading-edge market segment which will appeal initially to
large corporate buyers.

Casual readers who are not serious about implementing the technology in live
environments will certainly not want to pay for the report - and I would not
expect them to. No one is forcing them to.

I point out again that there is a significant amount of free information
available on our site and all updates to those reports will continue to be
free. In the future, there may be other high-end, leading edge technologies
that we cover, and we may charge for those too. If the REAL point of this is
that I should not have posted something to this mailing list that might
involve a commercial transaction at some point then I apologise sincerely
and will not repeat the mistake.

Actually, to put this into context, of the many hundreds of downloads we had
over the weekend these are the only negative comments I have seen.


Bob Walder
The NSS Group Ltd.

PS We DON'T ask for a life history when you register - name, company and
e-mail is enough. Most people are kind enough to provide valid information
in response to these - the data is never used by us for any purpose other
than to determine which are the most popular reports - the most popular ones
are the ones we will repeat in the future. Invalid information is simply
discarded and never counted. So, if everyone who registers to download IDS
provides fake info, and everyone who registers to download DSL provides
genuine info, IDS will not be repeated, DSL will. It's as simple as that.
Luckily, most people do not mind registering.

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>> I put some fake information in it. That gets to the the write up, or
>> some of it at least. Looks like you have to *pay* them for more
>> information (such as the IDS test results).
>> Are we now charging money for white papers? My God, what has this
>> industry come to...
>> Frank

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