[Snort-users] compiling problem

Andrew Kunz skipper at ...6759...
Fri Aug 30 22:14:03 EDT 2002

ahhh  that got me a bit further..Thanks Erek

I swapped out the snort.conf repacing the one that came with the downloaded
rules with the one contained with the src.

snort-1.8.7 #

i ran

./configure --with-mysql=/usr/bin

everything went fine ran make;make install

fire up snort with

/usr/local/bin/snort -c /etc/snort/snort.conf

and get the following

Initializing Network Interface eth0

        --== Initializing Snort ==--
Decoding Ethernet on interface eth0
Initializing Preprocessors!
Initializing Plug-ins!
Initializating Output Plugins!
Parsing Rules file /etc/snort/snort.conf

Initializing rule chains...
No arguments to frag2 directive, setting defaults to:
    Fragment timeout: 60 seconds
    Fragment memory cap: 4194304 bytes
    Fragment min_ttl:   0
    Fragment ttl_limit: 5
    Fragment Problems: 0
Stream4 config:
    Stateful inspection: ACTIVE
    Session statistics: INACTIVE
    Session timeout: 30 seconds
    Session memory cap: 8388608 bytes
    State alerts: INACTIVE
    Evasion alerts: INACTIVE
    Scan alerts: ACTIVE
    Log Flushed Streams: INACTIVE
    MinTTL: 1
    TTL Limit: 5
No arguments to stream4_reassemble, setting defaults:
     Reassemble client: ACTIVE
     Reassemble server: INACTIVE
     Reassemble ports: 21 23 25 53 80 143 110 111 513
     Reassembly alerts: ACTIVE
     Reassembly method: FAVOR_OLD
database: compiled support for ( )
database: configured to use mysql
database: mysql support is not compiled in this copy

 Check your configuration file to be sure you did not mis-spell "mysql".
 If you did not, you will need to reconfigure and recompile ensuring that
 you have set the correct options to the configure script. Type
 "./configure --help" to see options for the configure script.

Fatal Error, Quitting..

wondering if i need to add some additional configure options but can't
figure which ones?


> On Thu, 29 Aug 2002, Andrew Kunz wrote:
> > i'm sure i just seen the answer to this the other day but i can't locate
> > anymore searching the list.. i think it had to do with instaalling some
> > of unicode package???
> >
> > Any help please?
> Yep.  You're using an older version of the .conf file.  In one of the more
> recent builds, the -unicode parameter was removed.  Remove it from the
> http_decode line and all should be fine.
> -----

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