[Snort-users] Flexresp / interfaces

Lionel Fairon lfairon at ...6567...
Fri Aug 30 07:12:02 EDT 2002

I have a linux sensor with two interfaces :
    eth0 = promiscious with no IP
    eth1 = connected on security management LAN, No routable IP

Is it possible to configure flexresp to generate rst_all packets on eth0 ?

Thanks in advance.

Following questions are still open (if anybody have experience with


We plan to deploy snort / ACID with the following architecture :

- Dedicated linux sensors with two interfaces, one promiscuous with no IP,
one connected on existing Security Management LAN. (Network Isolation is
- Syslog messages sent on existing Security Console.
- "Log to database" to internal ORACLE server.
- Event details visualization with ACID

Questions :

- Which packages did I need on the sensors to configure snort with option
"--with-oracle" ?
- Does ACID may connects to Oracle Database ?


Lionel Fairon

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