[Snort-users] Version 1.8.7beta5-ODBC-MySQL-MSSQL-WIN32 (Build 128) Error

Brian D. Bartlett bbartlett at ...6757...
Thu Aug 29 17:31:02 EDT 2002

Has anyone seen this error in a pop-up box on Windows 2000 Server?
Message box title = Snort.exe - Application Error
Error text = "The instruction at "0x77f85c41" referenced memory at
"0x00000010". The memory could not be written"

All I have done is upgrade from an older build (Version 1.8.7-MSSQL-WIN32
(Build 121)) to the newer 1.8.7 build (Version 1.8.7-MSSQL-WIN32 (Build
121)) of WIN32 Snort MSSQL build. The previous build does not generate these
errors. The errors appear within a few seconds of starting the app and will
sometimes go away for a while after acknowledging the message. They seem to
be related to alerts, that is they are simultaneous with the IDSCenter
system tray Icon starting to flash that an alert has been detected.



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