[Snort-users] mysql connectivity problem still there plz helpme

Erek Adams erek at ...577...
Thu Aug 29 07:41:04 EDT 2002

On Thu, 29 Aug 2002, Always Bishan wrote:

>                   I tried without -A option but i am still getting the same
> problem. I gave snort -c snort.conf and still it gives the same error.... it
> says fatal error quitting... duplicate output keyword. WAt to do. Do help
> me. Waiting for a prompt reply.

Snort is telling you what's wrong.  Telling you _exactly_ whats wrong.  It has
more than one "output <foo>" statements in the config file.

grep -v '^$' snort.conf | grep -v '^#' | grep output

Find that line, then remove one of the extras.


Erek Adams

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