[Snort-users] Recovering Lost Alerts

Ron Shuck rshuck at ...6736...
Wed Aug 28 07:55:03 EDT 2002


I am working on a Snort deployment with ACID/MySQL. I am relatively new
to Snort. I worked previously with ISS RealSecure.

My concern is how do I recover lost or missed alerts if the MySQL
database goes down briefly or if the sensor losses communication with
the MySQL server?

I have added a 'heartbeat' mechanism in ACID to alert if any of the
sensors go down for any reason, but this only lets me know I missed
alerts. It looks like some of the information is in the syslog, but not

Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


Ron Shuck, CISSP - Managing Consultant
Buchanan Associates - A Technology Company in the People Business

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