[Snort-users] Emailing alerts troubleshooting

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Tue Aug 27 11:30:04 EDT 2002

Of course. For qmail in particular it is virtually transparent: you need
to replace your existing sendmail (usually /usr/lib/sendmail) with the
sendmail in /var/qmail/bin.

I haven't tried this and my one caveat is that snort may not use a
generic MUA interface. If they try to talk directly to sendmail there
may be compatibility issues.

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Is that possible to use another mail server (e.g. qmail)
other than sendmail to perform emailing alerts ? If yes, 
which parameters in conf. files are necessary to setup ?

My configuration is:
- Mandrake linux 8.2
- Snort 1.8.4
- MySQL 11.15 distrib 3.23.47
- Apache 1.3.23
- PHP 4.1.2
- ACID 0.9.6b20
- Sendmail 8.12.1


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